What is C4C?

C4C is a grassroots movement that transforms the lives of children and their families.  For example, meeting physical needs such as clothing/shoes or volunteering to serve as a Reading Buddy can make a tremendous difference in a child’s life.  By having all churches work together, we will be able to accomplish more than we could ever do on our own.

The Swain County C4C is moving forward in our mission to help pull children out of poverty by building relationships and providing better reading skills. We hope to launch the first stage of this ministry in early 2017. If you have a little time and can read you have what it takes to be a beacon of hope in our community.

If you would like more info about C4C visit the Congregations 4 Children website here.

Who is Involved?

Congregations for Children (C4C) is being established in Swain County.  Although C4C is an initiative of the United Methodist Church, all churches in the county are invited to collaborate with Swain County Schools to provide support for children.  All Christians love children as Jesus did, and this is another opportunity to put our love into action.

Get Involved!

There are opportunities for individuals, small groups, and entire churches to get involved with the ministry of C4C. Please prayerfully consider helping with one or more of these opportunities.

See the full list of opportunities to serve here: C4C Opportunities to Serve

To learn more about C4C in Swain County or to get involved with this initiative:

  • Contact Linda Dills 828-341-5469 or Evan Clapsaddle 828-508-0792


Please pray for C4C in Swain County, for our children and their families who desperately need help, and that individuals’ hearts will be open to finding new ways to serve God through building relationships with children.